Saturday, February 24, 2007


I hate artists and poets who think it is artistic and poetic
To name a work “Untitled”
When the fact remains that when they have named it “Untitled”
It has been titled.
It shows such a lack of imagination,
Such a want of good sense
To give a creation a name that means “no name”
It just shows the creator is dense.
If there is just a blemish on a canvas,
They might as well call it “Blot”
If there are too many words trying to rhyme
The poem might as well be called “Rot”.
If a photograph has a woman’s eye in it
Why not call it “Vamp”?
If an installation has twigs and leaves in it
Why not call it “Camp”?

It is strange that when humans have been blessed
With the gift of language, and wits,
Some cast serious doubt over the validity of intelligence
By not giving something a name that fits.

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