Sunday, May 20, 2007

Wasting Time Is An Art

I have two weeks to fill my head with the entire history of the world, keep it there, go to a test centre and try valiantly to darken annoying little circles in the correct order, then rest in peace. I think I shall stop using the internet for a while. It has taught me too many things about history.

Firstly, Genghis Khan had a grandson named Hulagu. After I'd finished laughing insanely at the name, I took a look at an ancient portrait of his. I'm not over the droopy little moustache and the pigtail as yet.

Secondly, Gothic architecture probably evolved as some kind of cosmic joke against God. However, it was used for cathedrals. So much for the dark ages.

Asian business culture. Japanese bankers before the Asian economic crisis took their clients to $500- a-person dinners at Tokyo's no-pan-shabu-shabu restaurants. The main attraction of these restaurants? Not the shabu-shabu (a beef dish), but the waitresses in short skirts and no-pan (no panties). Some restaurants kept the sake high up so that the girls had to stretch to reach it, and some had mirrors on the floors. The next time anyone talks about a business lunch, I think I may be excused for sniggering. The restaurants no longer exist now - you eat your shabu-shabu, bow thirty times, put on your shoes and scoot. What did I learn from this? That it is unfair to brand the Japanese as unimaginative. And that they shall never test me on Asian business culture.

Fourthly, Henry the Eighth, had he existed today, would be starring in a Fifty Cent Video.

I hate Wikipedia. It has corrupted me and wasted approximately four hours of my time - precious minutes that could be devoted to reading up on the civil wars in Mogadishu - or whatever else it is that I mean.

How I love this webcomic. And me hating math and all. Sometimes, you live a paradox.

7 kindred spirits have swallowed my rambling:

raghu said...

lesbian erotic :S
HAHAHAHAH.. awsmely fuunyy!
gengis khan..heheh.. henry.. LOL.. hahah fuunnyyy ya!

Pancham said...

This shall be your traditional blog comment.......I shall praise your writing endlessly and call it flawless..then again, I guess I'll just call it funny...

raghu said...

@ pancham
kya re i found it funny..i cracked up ywice :D

Priyanka Kumar said...

*sniff* if only everyone could have you defending their blogs, raghu, the world would be a nicer place.

new age scheherazade said...

Hulagu?? WHAT was his mother thinking? but i expect being married to genghis khan must have addled a bit...

and why would dear old henry star in a 50 cent video?(i'm not being deliberately obtuse, really.)

raghu said...

hmnm.. gengis khan has around 16 million desendents.. big number 4 like 900 years..

triliana said...

Henry VIII would not be in a 50 cent video because he was only allowed to have his women one at a time.

what kind of rap video fantasy is that????