Thursday, July 5, 2007

Another one on tennis. The last one, I promise.

Well, let me elaborate on the earlier entry. Roger Federer is my ultimate Georgette Heyer man. Only a little flawed, cool, calm, composed, overwhelmingly confident, and, what do you know - he has a nice smile.

Roger is the kind of person you can get fanatic about and mindlessly worship, even want to marry. But if I had to choose a person to bestow a teenage girl-crush on, it would be Novak Djokovic. In fact, I'm pretty much sold already.

It's kind of unfair, really. He's only nineteen. He earns a million a match. He's impossibly cute. And he has the nicest, clean-shaven smile ever. Plus he has a head of hair you feel like ruffling. And Vijay Amritraj called him "The heir to Roger's throne".

I'm just a little smitten. It's raining, and I need some form of distraction. I promise to not gush in my next entry. But before I stop, here's another pic. This time, in a tuxedo.

Go on, tell me I'm being silly.

6 kindred spirits have swallowed my rambling:

new age scheherazade said...

no, you're not.

Full stop. said...

You know who's also worth having a crush on? I have limited favourites, so to draw from them--Sufjan Stevens. I had no idea the guy looks so good. And he sings so divinely about, why, serial killers. And places.

Priyanka Kumar said...

@newage: :)

@full stop: i just googled him. *drool* now i'm searching for songs.

speedpost said...

Pinka: What about the shy lil Serbian smile.... I want Djokovic bhaaaaaaaa( thats me whining)

raghu said...

amritraj said many belive hes the heir to fedex's throne.. dont edit!
a final btwn fed n novak..possible :D

Priyanka Kumar said...

not possible now thanks to evil wimble authorities making djoko play every day and strain his foot. it's all a conspiracy to get nadal into the final, i can tell. hmph.