Thursday, August 23, 2007


I haven't decided what this blog is about.

I know it serves as a random place to air my empty-headed and increasingly frivolous thoughts in. I get a colourful web page that gives me an immense sense of accomplishment (I got technology to work in my favour!! Oh frabjous day, Callooh! Callay!) I get wonderful, silently-suffering people who comment on what I cough up - bless you all. I get people to read what I write, when the strangest part is that the writing here is anything but writing. It's - for lack of a better word - spewing. I'm comfortable with the number of bloggers I'm annoying, and with the number of pictures I'm uploading, and with who I'm quoting and misquoting. But I still get this feeling of in-betweenness at times, as if I don't quite know what I'm doing here. I've been learning to be friends with this feeling for a while now (since when I was three, to be precise), so I don't mind. I shall not complain. Besides, I may not know what this blog is about, but at least I know what it is NOT about.

1) It is definitely not about deepdarkmorbidpoetry. Can't do it, never will be able to.

2) Not about my ever-enduring singledom, the lack of eligible men (although certain snide comments may be passed about this phenomenon.. sometimes), or the incorrigibility of the male species. Men are fun as long as they are not taken seriously. And yes, I think that sounded like Marilyn Monroe too. But I'm not blonde, more' s the pity.

3) No political analysing, and no homework help-appeals, since I am very uninterested, and therefore very insincere, about both.

4) No girlie stuff. Not possible. Especially since I've started saying "Gah" to a lot of things lately, much like Mr. Goon. Not at all ladylike.

5) No highbrow stuff (Have you noticed how a beetle on a leaf symbolises the cosmos? *Broods till coffee mug grows another cobweb*). We have enough of that already. And I've always been one for living life first, and then analysing it.

So there. Five points. Genuine ones, too. And that amounts to my blog being about a lot of other things, only I can't really pinpoint them. I think this shall be a Seinfeld kind of blog. A Blog About Nothing. And I shall be George Costanza - not because I am like him in any way, except for the premature balding - but merely because he was always my favourite, and I think I need a little more excitement in my life. And if it comes my way due to my hot-headed outbursts, so be it. I'd like to get worked up about things once in a while. It makes people more entertaining.

P.S. I should have added another point, an anti-whining one, but that is just not possible. Whining makes up the essence of my life nowadays, and if you can't stand it, Gah.

7 kindred spirits have swallowed my rambling:

heh? ok said...

ah well. atleast there's some clarity. and i think blogs that are About Something are just the dullest reads in the world. mostly the blogs that i like are about the people who write them. while very few people are endlessly fascinating, a lot of us manage to write like we're one of them. that's all the subject matter we really need.

Maru Marauder said...

you're trying to get excitement in your life by being George?


Priyanka Kumar said...

@ heh? ok: i wish i sounded that wise. at least sometimes.

@ maru marauder: george is an unappreciated genius, so much better than kramer, i always thought. and it's a much, much more original way to get some excitement than throwing up over a crowded dancefloor. i think.

Maru Marauder said...

what by being a fat, sexually frustrated, balding old man who's only seilling point is his being fat, sexually frustrated and balding?

I can see how one would find that

new age scheherazade said...

The blog would be about you, whatever you wrote(even deepdarkmorbidpoetry), because you have a sense of humour. and everyone's is unique.and i'd REALLY like to see you try the ddmp. for a spoof maybe?

And I never did get the huge Kramer fuss.I liked Seinfeld best.And NOT just because he's a Superman fan.

Priyanka Kumar said...

@ maru marauder: precisely.

@ new age: what a smashing idea, a spoof on ddmp. good, i'm on it already.

raghu said...

aha.. the question again.. THE QUESTION :P
chod be mast blog karti hai..karte reh.. :D:D