Thursday, January 3, 2008

Where is a New Year Post when you need it?

I have a wonderful bit of writing in my head. It just refuses to get written. I wanted to write a year-end post but it refused to evolve. I wanted to write a New Year post but it won't come out - I know nothing about making a year work in my favour, so I'll just look the other way and hope to hell I get through to December as unobtrusively as possible.

Also I've finally got my hands on The Unwaba Revelations by Samit Basu. and I know I shall read it day in and day out till I find out what happens to Kirin. Then I shall agonise about not having a real-life Kirin around me. The problem with reading books is that I fall in love with too many literary characters, which is why the real world refuses to acknowledge that I can function as a part of it. Sometimes.

Also, I have exams again. My school seems to produce exam after exam faster than Angelina Jolie adopts children. It doesn't help that I just watched Taare Zameen Par, and all I want to do now is turn my nose up at education and run away to Bombay and help Aamir Khan make movies. But I have the Boards, which still bewilder me so much that I will simply shut up. Board Exams do not deserve a mention on my hallowed green blog.

Of course, I shall whine to the night. But that is between the night and me.

9 kindred spirits have swallowed my rambling:

raghu said...

xams are dumb..dont give thrm bhav ya :P
boards are useless.. :D

heh? ok said...

i'm still to get my hands on the book. boo to 2008.

speedpost said...

Kirin Kirin Kirin Kirin Kirin

Thats me climaxing. I mean book climaxing... u knoe the kind toh.

What shall ever become of us.

And I want that Darsheel Safary. Damn little boy. Overachiever dyslexic kothakar.

SPIRITed! said...

Writer's Block eh?I seem to hev that permanently.Especially when I have to write some nice long essay.It strikes expectedly during every English exam*sighs*.Anyways,Happy New Year...hope you get into Columbia!

new age scheherazade said...

ha hoo. ha hoo.
you got unwaba before, me, my copy's STILL in ine post.
and exams? *hollow laugh/ try playing Dolly Dingle paper dolls with a sinfully cute kid and then giving a 100 mark math paper the next day. I am so screwed.
but you can't get away without a new years or unwaba post with a measly tiny account like this.
more, more, more.

Space Oddity said...

Ugh, you too, eh?
The only good all these exams are doing to me is helping me perfect my series of IHateTheUniverse and BeingAWallWouldBeAnExcitingProspect looks.

And I'm completely with you in the falling-in-love-with-literary-characters thing.


ad libber said...

Amir Khan has a way of ruining board exams. Mine brought me Rang de Basanti and its not easy to concentrate while all the while, you are planning to murder the education minister.
I completely understand :P

CresceNet said...

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Doubletake, Doublethink. said...

@ raghu: bhav is not the word right now, believe me.

@ heh?ok: gogeddit gogeddit. it's the maddest book yet. sigh.

@speedpost: i take up the chant. kirin kirin kirin kirin kirin. can we start a religion?

@ spirited!: i guess english exams are made for that, beastly things *shudders*

@newage: dolly dingle or not, go get the damn book! i'm dying to discuss it with someone.

@space oddity: there's this group i just found on facebook called "men in books are just BETTER."

a truer word was never written

@ ad libber: haha true. who IS the education minister, anyway?

@crescenet: blah. i don't even know why i'm typing this.